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Battle of Trenton - December 26, 1776 ARTIST PROOF EDITION

Battle of Trenton - December 26, 1776 ARTIST PROOF EDITION
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In what could certainly be termed "the battle that saved America" Gen. George Washington's dwindling Patriot force crossed the ice choked Delaware river and surprised the Hessian garrison at Trenton, New Jersey. Fifty-year-old Colonel Johann Rall, a combat proven officer, commanded the brigade composed of the Grenadier Regiment Rall in addition to the Fusilier Regiments, Lossberg and Knyphausen, all tested and courageous veteran troops.

As the Americans overwhelmed the enemy outposts in the snow and sleet storm, the Germans formed up in the streets to meet them. Gradually driven from the town by musket and artillery fire, Rall fatefully determined to drive the rebels back out of the town. With the Lossberg and Rall Regiments in formation he counterattacked into what had now become a trap. Faced with a withering fire from the Americans in and among the houses the Hessians were cut down and thrown into confusion. Rall bravely leading his men on horseback was mortally wounded which completed the Patriot victory. With 900 prisoners, and compounded by the stunning victory at Princeton shortly afterwards,the American cause was indeed rekindled and General Washington's Army lived to fight their way to eventual victory.

Here Don Troiani captures the very moment when Colonel Rall is stuck while urging forward his brass capped Fusilers and Grenadiers. Researched with meticulous detail, the uniforms and flags shown create the most accurate reconstruction of the battle ever done. 

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Overall size:  303/4" x 241/2"         Image: 263/4" x 20"     

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Battle of Trenton - December 26, 1776 ARTIST PROOF EDITION
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